Train to Race & Race to Train

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2017

This past weekend I completed Victoria 70.3 triathlon.  In the week leading up to the race several people asked me if I was ready.  While I was ready to finish I wasn’t ready to race; to push myself to my threshold.  For a short time I even considered not doing the race and asked myself, “Why do I do this to myself?”

As I thought about my answers and my motivations for training and racing I realized that my fitness at this point is stronger because I had committed to the race several months earlier.  If not for the race I would certainly have skipped several of the longer, harder workouts. 

It dawned on me that regardless of my race performance I had already won. 

Lesson #6 in my first book, Six Word Lessons for Successful Triathletes: 100 Lessons for Essential Training and Racing, is “Train to race, race to train.”  Like most people I struggle with motivation and if left to my own devices I slide towards the depressive.  Fortunately I’ve found anchors that help keep my mind positive and my spirits high.  Research has shown time and again how exercise elevates mood and combats depression.  Knowing this is not enough however. 

We need to find ways to motivate ourselves into taking action.  Having a race on the schedule has served me for 24 years now.  It’s a way to challenge myself in becoming the best version of me.  I may not always be ready to “race,” but the side benefits far outweigh the race results. 

Become your best you!


photo credit: Melody