What Can You Celebrate In Your Life....Right Now?

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2017

I'd love to encourage you and invite you to take a moment and think about what you can celebrate in or about your life right now?

People often focus on only grand accomplishments or moments to celebrate and miss the tiny, though extremely meaningful moments of everyday life.  Sometimes the seemingly small celebrations, little joys here and there, the accumulation of micro-moments lead to incredible changes and a powerful perspective about your enjoyment of life. Perhaps you do have something monumental to celebrate and perhaps it's something seemingly small; either way take the time to celebrate it!

If you want to deepen your experience, do a little journaling. Write down the question, "What can I celebrate in my life today?" Then spend time writing down your answers. This will deepen your connection to the experience.

While you are either thinking or writing about what you can celebrate notice how you feel? Does the weight of the world feel a little less heavy? Does your mood elevate? As you notice a change in yourself take this as a sign to include more of this in your life. Can you ask yourself this question once a week? More often?

Did you know focusing on positive thoughts and feelings shifts your brain chemistry and alters your mood and state of mind?  This is one of the many reasons developing a daily practice of things such as meditation, gratefulness, positive thinking, celebrating successes, asking yourself empowering questions, affirmations, exercise, laughter, reading, and journaling to name several, help you create and live a more enjoyable and centered life.

If you want to create an even deeper connection to your thoughts and experience regarding this exercise, try sharing what you can celebrate about your life with another person. I'd love to hear about it; send me an email: [email protected].

In the name of celebrating something in our lives: for me, I am celebrating my recent understanding of my strengths and what lights me up. I recently took the strengths finder assessment and it helped illuminate my strengths and passions. My top strength is "Developer" which states "By nature, you support the people around you by acknowledging their accomplishments and performances."

This is me 100%. I get an incredible amount of satisfaction, motivation, and inspiration out of helping others grow and challenge themselves. The more I understand this, the more it drives me to spend my life in service of others, because ultimately and even selfishly it's what creates my best life.

I really hope you will give yourself the gift of doing this exercise!


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