About Lance Carter

Lance Carter, 9 time Ironman Triathlete, has been personally engrossed in endurance sports since 1993.  In November of 1992, Lance happened upon the Ironman Triathlon being telecast on NBC.  He thought it looked impossible.  For a year and a half prior he had been struggling with feelings of depression and the common feeling among 20 somethings about not knowing what to do with their lives.  He had been reading Tony Robbins’ book, “Unlimited Power” and one thing that stuck out to him was Tony talking about how people need to commit to a massive goal in order to take inspired action.  It hit Lance like a ton of bricks.  The Ironman seemed impossible, and what is more massive then the impossible?  Lance would one day do the Ironman in Hawaii.

Lance registered for the Vineman Ironman in July of 1993 held just 3 hours away in Santa Rosa, CA.   Despite only running 2 miles to stay in shape for basketball and riding a mountain bike to classes at Chico State, he was committed to doing this race.  He signed up for “Triathlon 101” at Chico St. as a Physical Education course and quickly learned that swimming 25 yards left him gasping for breath.

“Completing that first Ironman completely changed my life in every way.  I asked myself if I can do this what else can I accomplish.”

After Vineman, Lance went to work in a running store so that he could one day open his own running store; which he did with 3 friends in 2004 in Kirkland, WA called Everyday Athlete.  In 1996 Lance began offering free advice to other runners who wanted to do their first triathlon.  In 2001 he became a Triathlon coach for Team in Training.  Lance has been a triathlon and running coach ever since, coaching over 2,500 athletes in every distance from 5k to Marathon and Sprint Triathlon to Ironman.  2015 has been a milestone year for Lance as he’s created “Intentional Running” – a system to help people become more efficient runners; meaning running becomes easier and as a byproduct people run faster with less effort.  The average improvement after a 1 hour session is more than 30 seconds per mile in pace improvement!  Back in 2002 Lance went to massage school which has been an invaluable tool in helping his athletes both prevent and heel from injuries when they do occur.

In November of 1992 Lance made a promise that he would one day do Ironman Hawaii.  It took him 20 years, but in October 2013 Lance fulfilled that promise to himself.  “Running down Ali’i Drive in Kona to the finish line of Ironman was a dream come true and a reminder that persistence pays off!  20 years!”